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My family background is machining, precise steel work and prospecting. My uncle introduced me to gold panning and all things connected with gold. I met a number of his mining buddies who knew a great deal about different tricks to pull more gold out of a river, stream or beach. During this early time of my life I apprenticed in mechanics and servo (motor) control. 14 years later I had fully mastered mechanics and started my journey through the trades. I spent 2 - 3 years in most of each of the trades, much to the surprise of family and friends. I was told countless times to "pick a lane", "quit changing your career choices". While all this was happening I was gaining a great deal of experience in life and all the trades I was working my way through.

At age 37 I started applying the sum of knowledge I had learned. I made some pretty weird/unique things. Through focus and a strong desire to succeed, I channeled my energies to create solutions to problems others had.

My life was briefly interrupted by divorce but ended up marrying the love of my life and continued again working with others to solve problems.

My wife introduced me to the internet and suggested that "we" start a web site.

Eventually a problem was presented to me on how to pull gold flakes from bedrock cracks and mygoldpanning was born. The gold recovery pump is a refined version of an earlier suction pump I had built.


    My Gold Panning

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