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how to pan gold

There is nothing more rewarding and fun than gold panning. The sound of the stream or river, the anticipation of finding a large nugget or maybe just the relaxing get away time.

Gold panning is one of the least expensive, most profitable hobbies you can choose.



Gold Panning - How To

1) Number one is to choose a good location to dig your sand and or gravel from. Since we are looking for gold it only makes sense to find a promising spot to shovel your gold bearing material. Dig behind large boulders or on bedrock for maximum gold/gravel mix.


2) Fill your gold pan 3/4 full with the sand and or gravel.

3) Place your pan under water and gently shake and rotate.

4) Once the large rocks are cleaned of sand particles, discard the rocks by hand.

5) Now shake the gold pan from side to side while partly submerging the pan under water. This allows any gold particles to start settling towards the bottom of the pan.

6) Tilt the gold pan with the edge that is away from you slightly under water. While shaking side to side, lift and re submerge the pan above and below the water over and over. You should see the lighter rock and sand being "washed" over the lip into the stream.

7) Continue with this shaking and submerging until there is approximately one cup of rock and or sand material left in the gold pan.

8) Now remove any remaining pebbles (that aren't gold nuggets) and discard them.





9) While shaking in a circular motion, lift and lower your pan above and below the water level with the gold pan tilted away from you. This will wash away most of the remaining lighter material.



10) What you are left with is a little rock, black sand and gold. Swirl the pan in a circle with a little water and look to see how much gold you have!

    My Gold Panning

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