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  • Why haven't I received the digital product I purchased yet?
    The email plans are automatically sent to your email address the moment payment is received. Be sure to check your junk mail in the event it was filtered there. If you still can not locate the email please contact us and we will ensure you receive the item you purhcased.
  • I built a pump as per the instructions. Why won't my pump work properly.
    The most likely cause of the pump not working properly is the rubber diaphragm. It must be a precise fit. If you are having difficulties you can purchase premade diaphragms on the website.
  • If I buy the plans, am I permitted to sell the plans or items I made?"
    All the plans and information belong to My Gold Panning and are not for resale.
  • Are the materials required to build the products easily available?
    We have tried to ensure that all materials are readily available through either a plumbing/irrigation store or a home renovation store. There may be an occasional item that must be purchased elsewhere but we have tried to ensure that they too are easily acquired throughtout North America.
  • How difficult are the products to make?
    The majority of our products are quite simple to make. We have tried to make sure that you can do so using only basic tools. Although power tools will speed up the process, in most cases they are not required.
  • Where can I see some of the products in action?
    There are some videos linked throughout the site where you can see the pumps and other products being used.

    My Gold Panning

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