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Nothing else has even come close to the capture abilities of a good open weave Miners Moss.  Place a decent sized strip of this gold capture material towards the end of any sluice box and not even fine gold stands a chance.  You may not enjoy washing blankets but when it involves getting some incredible returns in gold I’d do it.

Miners Moss is the catch all stop point for gold.  This particular moss is one I found at a European Industrial supply outlet.  They used it for a noise break (sound proofing).

What’s different about this open woven nylon webbing is its ability to let heavies in and trap the gold right in the webbing.  The openness tends to allow some of the lighter / smaller black sand out as well.  I’ve tested it repeatedly and never found any fine gold existing at the bottom of the sluice.  In fact I find most of the gold impacted right in the first six to eight inches of this nylon matting.

The key with any gold miners moss is the right openness to allow for free water flow but reduce the speed to give the gold a chance to drop out.

Try this moss and you will be just as impressed as I was.

We offer different sizes as well as custom cut sizes.


Why this Fine Gold Capture Media Works?


1) It slows water down allowing the gold to drop out of the water's flow.


2) It creates microscopic low pressure zones trapping the finest gold.


3) Two different sides. One completely open weave, the other has a built in mesh approximately 5/32" in size. Only the fine particles enter this side.


4) It is placed at the end of your sluice box as a "catch all" gold trap.


5) It increases small gold recovery dramatically!


6) It is easy to wash out and clean releasing the fine golden wealth into a bucket or your gold pan.


7) It is easy to custom size. It comes as a 20" x 25" piece and all you have to do is just use scissors to cut to fit.


8) It pays for itself many times over in a remarkably short time.


Try the Fine Gold Capture media today and see all the gold you have been missing.


It is like getting a raise!

Fine Gold Capture Media


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