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When it comes to recovering fine gold, nothing beats the High Volume Fine Gold Sluice Box. Simply put, this fine gold sluice is designed to extract a high volume of extremely fine gold in great quantities.


What makes this sluice box outperform other sluice boxes is it's ability to eject or bypass anything but small particles. This makes our job of capturing fine or flour gold a lot easier.


The idea is to wash huge quantities of gold bearing sand and small gravels and of course extract the flour gold or gold dust.


This High Volume Fine Gold Sluice Box uses a new, very effective technique to get the "fine stuff". As with the High Production Sluice Box, we use a continuous capture system. By slowly widening the sluice and creating alternating high and low pressure zones we drop the fine gold out of the water's flow. It is easy and works incredibly well. In addition, we us a bank of nylon brushes to comb the flour gold from the sluice's flow. This works two ways; by lowering the pressure and by physically combing gold from the water.


Finally, we use magnets to attract black sand. This magnetic sand stands up like hairs on the magnets creating micro fine gold traps. Combing super fine gold from the flow.


Ultra fine or flour gold dust is a lot like synthetic diamonds. One is nothing, 4 - 5 still no big deal, but, when you recover these fine pieces by the thousands and hundreds of thousands, our recovered fines add up real fast...which is the whole point.


A gold prospector armed with the Fine Gold Sluice Box has an obvious advantage over 99% of other miners. You will extract much more fine gold than all the previous diggers that have worked that same ground before, not to mention working a new area. However, when you pull up on a sand bar, or work a gold laden open beach (the world has many panning beaches) just time and moving the material through the sluice will give you your golden paycheck.


One point of interest, when you shake a heavy glass jar loaded with gold dust and water, it looks like a golden snow storm...incredible. It's an amazing conversation starter. No one has a paper weight