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Costing less than $15 to make, this simple progressive sluice box is a perfect low cost sluice when you are just getting into gold panning and sluicing for gold. It is also an excellent choice for a second sluice box for more of a remote camp location. The length and width can easily be changed to suit your specific needs.

Designed with a tight budget in mind without compromising good gold recovery performance.


It takes about 2 hours to make and best of all, the plans are FREE to all newsletter subscribers.


The basic progressive sluice box plans are straight forward and very easy to make. I will also be offering an enhanced version with a fine gold recovery section and deeper riffles for higher gold capture with faster water flow rates.


The Progressive Sluice features a stepped riffle system. This allows you to recover anything from coarse to fine gold quickly through the variable riffle setup.


The stepped sluice riffles are fully removable for cleanup of gold at the end of the day. In addition, all parts are independently replaceable if they should ever wear out. Of course the whole sluice costs less than $15 to make anyway, but the choice is yours.


Affordable, fast gold recovery equipment that gets you in pay dirt without saving for an overpriced manufactured sluice box.

FREE Plans for the Progressive Sluice Box


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