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Gold Hornet Suction Pump Assembly - Email Plans. 


Make your own Gold Hornet Suction Pump with these instructions.


When you need a fast, portable, high suction gold pump, nothing beats the Gold Hornet. The Gold Hornet is the next generation of continuous suction gold pumps. This pump is:


- Inexpensive.


- Fast.


- High Suction.


- Extremely Portable.


- Has a "See through Nugget trap".


- Easy to remove gold with the Gold Capture Cartridge.


- Continuous pumping suction means no gold loss or flat spots (the flow can't reverse).


- Water purge in your capture cartridge. You exhaust water and keep your captured gold bearing concentrates. The water carries the precious metal into the cartridge but once that is done the excess water is simply purged from the system.


- Direct pull suction means no corners or restrictions to slow the gold flow down. Hit the recessed pocket or crack and reap the rich golden reward. It is simple and it works very well.


- Oversized exhaust port. By increasing our output tube diameter, the gold, platinum and other valuable heavies start dropping out of the flow right into our gold capture cartridge. In addition, since fine lighter gold will be held in suspension with the recovered gravel, you only need to tap our recovery cartridge a few times and 96% of all gold will sink to the bottom. Your enriched materials area already pre sorted.


I have greatly enjoyed using the original Gold Recovery Pump but I get into some crazy positions working submerged cracks and pockets in fast moving streams.


One area of the Fraser River here in British Columbia is particularly rich with coarse and semi coarse gold that almost no one can reach. There is a cliff face that has long vertical cracks sitting in the river since well before the 1858 gold rush. These 2" - 3" wide cracks extend down to bedrock about 1/3 the way into the main body of the river. The edges have worn smooth over time but it is what is in the openings that interest me. No one can reach the gold trapped in these cracks. Every fall August - September there is a mini stampede of panners that work these openings when the river level drops low enough to stand in front of them. These miners use everything from sticks to metal hooks trying to reach the raisin sized nuggets trapped inside. The bottom of these cracks are full of broken bedrock is very irregular so you can't just clean out the crack with a hook. A regular suction, dredge nozzle won't fit and isn't permitted, besides it is an awkward place to set up on. I have had some incredible luck with the Gold Recovery Pump but ... it is difficult to set the base anywhere to pump. Out of frustration and necessity I built the Gold Hornet Suction Pump. A completely hand held, easy to use CONTINUOUS SUCTION gold pump. Fill up your gold capture cartridge, dump it into your bucket or pouch and just keep moving.


A guy I knew owned a claim and had worked the bedrock pretty much clean, except the cracks. Because in his words "It ain't worth it to pick these cracks". I asked him if I could try to clean out these tough to get at spots. He said yes but made sure that I would only work the areas he had "already cleaned". Then he smirked and said he hadn't met many people who would still work for 5 cents an hour any more. He went back to his digging and I focused on his "cleaned areas". There were quite a few cracks that were already exposed. One of the larger 1/4" ones ran from 14" under water right up onto the ban until it disappeared under a tailings pile. I figured the deeper location would probably have more gold because of the way the river channel flowed (the low point of the bedrock). I started the Gold Hornet pump about mid way (8" under water) and started pumping, feeling the crack with the nozzle tip as I went along the crack deeper out. I could feel there were pebbles every so often lodged in the crack. Then as I reached the deeper area of the stream the pump felt kind of weird and I couldn't push the handle down all the way. A jamb? I lifted up the pump. It felt heavy as I pulled the capture cartridge off. I was shocked when a gold and black shower fell from the feed pipe back into the stream. The cartridge was overflowing! I quickly moved up on the bank and opened the gold cartridge into my gold pan. It was a solid mass of fine gold, black sand, small garnets and some pebbles. I felt like I just found King Solomon's mine. To say I was thrilled with the Hornet would be an understatement.


It is easy to pump, very portable and inexpensive to make. The water purge is a nice feature as well. You only keep the gold bearing materials in the cartridge as the water is vented out.

As a recovery safety, the water exhaust is screen shielded. Meaning sucked heavy minerals are held in the cartridge by an industrial grade reinforced screen. You vent the water, not the gold, out of the pump's recovery container.


The Gold Hornet: A fast, very effective gold pump, designed to vacuum gold from any crack or pocket.

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