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The High Production Sluice Box will process an incredible amount of gold bearing gravel.


It will out produce all other sluice boxes except the large commercial dredge.

There are "no riffles" to overload.


This sluice box works by a constant capture system. Rather than using riffles that catch gold only at specific spots, I have focused on the entire length of the sluice box being one big capture element.


This is possible by the way we approach the water flow through our sluice box.


When we see where gold naturally accumulates in a stream or river, we can then duplicate the very best locations for ourselves in our high production sluice box.


Most sluice boxes have flat bottoms. That is a fundamental mistake. It is a rare event that a stream or river has a flat bottom. Streams have many twists, turns and dips. In addition it includes a mix of large boulders and waterfalls both big and small.


Whenever gold accumulates in quantity in a river it is at a point where the water flow changes from fast to slow. We use this production principal in our sluice box.


Main points of the High Production Sluice are:


Continuously varying bottom (not flat).


Fast waste flush of sands and gravels.


Very high retention of all heavier minerals (gold, platinum, silver, black sands).


Variable flow adjustment for fast and slow water ways.


Water stop feature for clean up or a quick check of current gold levels in the sluice.


Coarse gold and / or gold particles are trapped in the low flow zones.


Fine gold recovery is 98% plus by our changing flow rate inside the sluice box.


Gold is collected on two levels for the entire length of the sluice box.


NO PUMP NEEDED. (Fast and quiet).


High production fan style gold classifier (virtually jam proof).


Easy and inexpensive to make.


Uses new gold recovery technology that is old school for Mother Nature.


Very wide sluice bottom means high processing capacity and excellent gold / sand separation.


It uses a new very fast "Fan Style Classifier". Sorts/sizes large quantities of gold bearing gravels for the very best gold recovery.


It will work with a gas pump or by just the stream's water flow (no pump required).


It is easy to make, no welding or bending of metal.


The sluice box quickly sorts coarse to fine gold with no gold losses.



The basis for this sluice box design is from a gold prospector that worked a claim in Atlin, BC, in the mid 70's. He consistently recovered more gold than other miners who worked their claims nearby. It wasn't that he had a special rich piece of ground, it was that he continually recovered a LOT MORE fine gold than the other miners and it added up.


Most of the others who worked their own claims near him weren't too concerned with the fine gold (this includes large flakes), they were focused mainly on the coarse gold. He often said "Gold is still gold, anyone can get the coarse stuff, it takes a little more thinking to get the small flakes as well."


I watched as he cleaned his sluice box daily, coarse gold in the first few steps, finer gold as you went down towards the end. The last one or two steps were loaded with black sand and very small garnets. I haven't see anyone use his design since I was a kid, until now, of course.


I have made a couple small changes, from his original design. I have updated the materials used in the sluice box construction and the gold recovery sluice sections.


One major improvement I made was to add magnets to the fine gold recovery section. No gold isn't magnetic, but black sand (magnetite) is. We use captured black sand to catch even the smallest particles of gold. The black sand stands up like hair on the magnets during operation, preventing gold from escaping.


Another plus is that this high production sluice box is almost "oops proof". The box is very tolerant to changes in water flow and angle.


The prospector in Atlin used a power pump to flood his sluice box with water. You can use a power water pump as well or use the streams natural flow. This High Production Sluice Box is designed both ways, with or without a gas pump. I realize not everyone can afford a motorized water pump or will want to bring a pump to a remote location, so I have made sure that this sluice box will work well either way.


The primary classifier is a work of art that works as well as it looks. (a primary classifier is the thing that separates the heavy rock from the smaller gold bearing gravel and sand).


This is a "fan style" classifier. Easy to make and one of the fastest methods of sorting worthless rock from the valuable gold materials. Virtually jam proof, this high capacity sorting device delivers gold laden sands and gravels to the sluice box almost as fast as you shovel.


I have noticed that a lot of other gold recovery methods offered by others filter and work the gold bearing gravel to death. Using buckets, screens and a variety of interesting methods to finally reach your goal - gold! If this is what you like to do, stop, don't buy this sluice box plan. I designed this for high production.


You recover fine gold and nuggets...Quickly! The only way for you to earn money in gold is to process a lot of gold bearing gravels and recovery as much of the yellow metal as possible. This is what this sluice box was designed to do.


There a couple extra "perks" that further enhance your gold recovery. All that information is included with the plans for the High Production Sluice Box.


High Production Sluice Box with Classifier Assembly Email Plans

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