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When you want a fast, ultra-light weight stove that is super-efficient you need not look any further than the Inferno Rocket Stove.  I’ve adapted the design of a standard Rocket Stove to better suit the need.  I modified the original design so that it would be auto feeding allowing for longer pieces of wood.  As the end of the fuel source burns down it will keep feeding itself down into the stove with the exception of the odd piece getting stuck on itself.  In that case a gentle touch or bump of the fuel and you’re on your way again.

The Inferno Rocket Stove consists of a spider base designed for stability and heat isolation from the ground.  If you are using the Inferno on a combustible surface or on ice and snow, the heat is held within the stove and the flame stack.  This also allows for use on uneven ground (like that ever happens around a camp site!)  The base is removable so the carry package size is reduced.  This stove is designed to set up, use and be quickly on your way again.  Yes, you could call it a survival stove for use in a city or in the country and with practically no smoke who’s the wiser to you using it?

The tripod cooking base enables you to put a can, pot or small frying pan on and they will always sit evenly on the cooking base.  I prefer to use unlined cans or a can I have burned the lining off of to cook in.


The specially designed fire grate pulls right out, for cleaning and transport.  The grate allows maximum air to enter the fire while still supporting the elevated burning fuel for ultimate heat transfer.


1/8” mild low carbon steel is used throughout the Inferno’s construction.  This is way overkill for what it is, but, that also mean you will get years of trouble free service out of her.  Only new first rate materials are used in the construction.

What intrigued me was that it will burn almost anything for fuel; twigs, dry grass, paper, dry dung, wood (in its many various forms), pine needles, dry leaves, dry weeds, cotton, hemp, etc.
Years of reliable, trouble free service whether used daily or occasionally.  Fast heat you can use.

Inferno Rocket Stove


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