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I’ve learned from years of experience spent with seasoned gold prospectors, on how to find and mine gold.  My journey has taken me from New Mexico to Dawson City, Yukon.  Gold is not that hard to find once you learn its secrets.

My learning started when I was a kid in Atlin, British Columbia. This major placer gold area had extremely seasoned gold miners that were totally “old school.”  But they knew their stuff, and could find gold when few others could. I’ve seen some of these prospectors use a back hoe to pull over a tree in an awkward side channel, just to check the roots for signs of gold.  Or another trick one miner had was to dig out a decent sized hollow, up high on a side hill in early spring, just as spring melt was starting.  This dug-out pocket would fill full of water and eventually cause a land slide taking down a major section of the hill.  He would then sluice the exposed section for nuggets.  Worked like a charm.  When he originally staked the claim, which was mostly side hill, the other old timers said he would be lucky to last the season – but he knew better.

These early gold miners knew things that I would have never been able to figure out.  One old guy would dig down to bedrock, ignoring some obvious gold bearing material, remove only the nuggets and flake gold from the bottom, then use a sluice box to wash the material he had just dug back into the hole.  When he was done with a claim, it was 95% gold free.

Most of these guys seemed crazy, but they knew their stuff.  

I’ve divided this package into sections to make it easier to read and use.  The reason I wrote this guide was to help you find more gold, much easier and with less effort than ever before.

I’ve seen too many miners, working far too hard, for too little gold.  Simple tips and a little easy detective work will put you in the golden cash flow.


So here’s what “The Gold Guide” covers:


  • How to maximize gold recovery by reading a stream or river
  • Desert gold locations and mining techniques
  • Effective gold mining in deserts
  • How to work old desert river channels
  • Effective metal detecting in deserts
  • Finding gold in underground rivers and caverns
  • Finding gold in sedimentary, stratified rock formations
  • How to make well worked placer gold deposits profitable again
  • How to recover more fine gold particle


You will also find tips, tricks and secrets on:


  • Using rock slides to your advantage (A first-hand experience)
  • Advanced gold recovery techniques
  • Common, but seldom tried, gold locations
  • Methods to make your job of finding and mining gold easier
  • Exploring dry washes and flood plains
  • Finding gold in desert ravines
  • The riches in limestone
  • A quick and dirty method of getting more fine gold


I cover the basics but focus on the lucrative and rewarding advanced gold finding methods.  I like what the old timers did to maximize their mining efforts, but I’ve updated it.  I’ve made it so you’re not causing landslides or randomly pulling over trees.  


We are using what nature gives us to our advantage. Maybe there was a rock slide in the past that partly blocked the river.  Do you know what that does to the flow gold in that river?  What was the size of rock that came down? Is this slide now a natural sluice box at high water? Common sense and a little thinking puts us in gold for easier than digging for days on end for just a little color in a glass vial (sample bottle).
I hope to teach you HOW to think and see differently when you approach any gold bearing area.


From quantities of fine gold to nuggets in sometimes very easy spots; I want you to do well when you’re working gold deposits.


A Brief Look at what you get with this guide.


How to Maximize Gold Recovery by Reading a Stream


There isn’t enough good information on how to read a stream (or river) to maximize your recovered gold. Gold mining is like any other occupation. It is a matter of experience, technique and a little luck. The Rules of finding and or mining gold to keep in mind are...


Desert Gold Locations and Mining Techniques


Most of us picture a desert as a large open featureless location. Yet there are large gold bearing areas located in a great many of the world’s deserts. The key is...


Effective Gold Mining in Deserts


The easiest way to get started finding gold in deserts is in washes. Washes are...


How to Work Old Desert River Channels


We have been looking in the bottom of desert washes, now it’s time to come out of the wash and get dirty on the side walls of old river channels. As you walk up or down old dry river channels, you will come across...


Effective Metal Detecting in Deserts


A book could be written on this subject alone. Seeing as this isn’t that book, I will give you the quick and dirty lesson instead. Deserts can be quite deceptive on where they hide their gold. One major advantage is...


Finding Gold in Underground Rivers and Caverns


Most prospectors know about Quartz and gold rock formations, but are you aware how gold accumulates...


Finding Gold in Sedimentary, Stratified Layers


This is one of my favorites. Layers of rock like pages in a book that contain gold. Gold does not occur in these rock layers. It is...


How to Make Well Worked Placer Gold Deposits Profitable Again


I use a formula when I go out gold prospecting. What is the upside and what is the downside? Meaning, if I...


How to Recover More Fine Gold Particles


Most well worked gold mining areas still contain an abundance of fine gold and I am not talking about having to dig down to reach it either. It is right on the surface patiently waiting for a miner to extract it. Here is the kicker...


See more in Tips, Tricks and Secrets to Finding Gold eBook

Tips, Tricks & Secrets to Finding Gold eBook

  • This ebook comes in a PDF format.  

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