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Heavy Duty Rocket Stove designed for every day regular use.


Materials:  Mild Carbon Steel Flat Bar, 4" Mild Carbon Square Tube, 3" Mild Carbon Round Tube.


- Uses multiple fuels, ideal for camping or outdoor cooking.


- Self Feeding.  Sticks are fed in under gravity as the fire burns.


- Raised Fire Grate for maximum burning efficiency.


- Detachable cook top.


- Extra tall chimney for even, stable heat to the food on the top.


- Painted with High Heat Black Paint.


When you want a fast, inexpensive, light weight stove that is super-efficient you need not look any further than this Rocket Stove.


Our stove should offer you years of reliable use and will withstand bumps and bangs that typically happen when moving to different locations.


If a disaster happens, earthquake, your neighbor borrows your BBQ or you are doing some camping, you have a reliable cooking / heating source.


It doesn’t take long to boil water or cook a meal.  The heat can be regulated by reducing the amount of fuel you feed the fire.


This is an outdoor Rocket Stove that is an extremely efficient unit.  Fast heat with little or no smoke.


Variable fuels work well; dry grass, twigs, wood, paper, cardboard or any natural organic substance that is burnable will work.  No buying or packing fuels as you can use whatever is laying around.


The amount of space required to fire and use this stove is very minimal, from an alley to a patch of rock or sand.  It will even work on an ice flow with a heat break.


What I like is you don’t need any special liquid fuels to make this work, you never have to purchase fuels again.


From its 4” x 4” x 6” combustion chamber to its 2 ½” heat focused chimney, heat is what it does well.


There’s also a removable air / heat grate separating the burning materials from the fresh air supply.


If you blow on the burning fire in the Rocket Stove it sounds something like a jet engine with a blast of intense heat focused at the top of the chimney.  Now I’m not saying that’s the thing to do (cause I burnt my eyebrows doing that) but you get a real burst of heat out of the stove.


Top quality coupled with longevity… nice!


4" Square Tubing x 6" firebox
15" Overall Height
Two 4" Long Tubular Legs

Trojan Rocket Stove


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