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Gold is more common than you think. Did you know the average active gold miner recovers between 6 - 20 ounces per mining season and that is with just basic gold equipment, not heavy machinery. At $1500 an ounce that would be a low of $9,000 up to $30,000.

Most "newish" miners will only work gold bearing ground while on their 2 - 3 week vacation so in reasonable gold country you can easily earn $9,000, once you understand some basic gold hiding places. The key here is knowledge. If you go out into gold country without a reasonable knowledge of how gold behaves, you will struggle just to find a few flakes.

I have written this gold guide to speed and direct you to finding gold in good quantities.

Years ago I was there, green as grass, a newbie to gold mining, not knowing where to dig to find gold, being happy when I found just one flake. It was only when my Uncle introduced me to some of his seasoned miner friends up in Atlin, B.C. Canada that I started finding some cashable quantities of gold.

Tips and innovative ways to recover way more of the yellow treasure we all want are in this guide. A lot of this information is from those seasoned miners that were totally old school in their approach. It still amazes me how moving less than 20 feet in a different direction can yield over half an ounce of gold in less than an hour versus spinning your wheels in unfruitful ground such a short distance away. It is like gambling when you know everyone’s cards before you bet. You go to where the gold is, not where it isn’t. Let the miners without your knowledge pan or sluice in those “dead spots”.

Give yourself a raise, paid in gold, today with “Where to Find Gold” eBook.

Where to Find Gold eBook

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